5 Tips to Incorporate Cheap Stock Video Footage to your Project

Conducting your own video shoot for every element of your project can be expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, you can skip all these by purchasing cheap stock video footage. Since there are a number of stock media agencies in the market, finding the one that suits your creative needs and budget is the first step. Then, you should look for the stock footage perfect for your project and incorporate it. Here are a few tips to do it seamlessly.


  • Choose the tone. Keep in mind that not all cheap stock video footage will work for your specific creative project. You need to determine what feelings your footage evoke to choose the right tone. Figure out what story the footage is trying to tell, instead of matching the movements in the video.
  • Color correct your video footage. Color correcting refers to the process of getting all elements of your cheap stock video footage to their natural colors. Generally, stock footage is already color corrected. If you want to incorporate it to your project, you may want to color correct it again to make the blend more appealing. You have a choice between color correcting by hand or using automatic corrections – whichever you think is best.
  • Color grade it, too. Color grading, on the hand, refers to the actual process of stylizing the footage. It gives your cheap stock video footage and regular video that right properties to look even more similar. This is probably the most important thing you can do to seamlessly blend stock footage to your own video.
  • Check out grain. Cheap stock video footage do not have grain. On the other hand, your everyday cameras contain grain. If you are trying to make stock video look like an original part of your video, you need to match the grain.
  • Match the color and sharpness. After color correcting your video, you need to match the color and sharpness too. You can match the colors by adjusting the curves and levels or use the RGB Monochrome technique. On the other hand, matching sharpness requires sharpening or softening your cheap stock video footage or your video cam footage. You can also make use of video editing applications to easily adjust sharpness to your liking or drop effects to your footage.

Incorporating cheap stock video footage to your project allows you to save time and money. However, you need to know how to seamlessly do it to make your work more appealing. You cannot simply throw a stock footage to your video and expect it to blend. First, you need to find a stock media agency with variety of options for stock footage. Then, you can proceed on choosing a specific shot and make it look like an original part of your own video.